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Alan Francis Durable Pro Pitching Horseshoes- 2 Pair, Red/Blue, Made in USA

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Ends:June 8, 2019, 23:56 UTC
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Alan Francis has won more than half of his 20+ world championships (and counting) pitching his Signature Horseshoe.  It works for him, and it can work for you too!  A turn shoe through and through, it features large, stake grabbing hooks, aggressive cleats, smooth/slim blades, and one of the most effective ringer break designs ever.  The Alan Francis Signature Horseshoe is a great choice for turn pitchers everywhere.  Alan himself has cut his misses by 25% and has raised his ringer average more than 5% with this shoe- no small feat considering he doesn’t have much more room to improve to be perfect!  The Alan Francis Signature Shoe pitches well for any turn, but especially well for the ¾ turn!

Even though each Thoroughbred Horseshoe model has a unique design, purpose and performance, they all share these common features:

Made in the USA
Two-year warranty
Durable iron alloy

Resists burring

Retains its shape 

Tournament grade

NHPA Sanctioned

Official size and weight

Perfectly matched pairs

Non-flaking, matte finish

Stock colors: blue and red

Every Thoroughbred Horseshoe can take a serious beating… it’s part of the plan from the beginning, as we know our customers well!  So, they should all last quite a while even with heavy pro-level usage… hence the two-year warranty.  But if used only occasionally, a set of Thoroughbreds may last a lifetime.

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