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Challenger Pro Professional Pitching Horseshoes- Red, One Pair, Made in USA

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Challenger is the most universal horseshoe in the Thoroughbred line-up.  Not only does it have long, straight, thin side blades, allowing plenty of room to fine tune the grip for all possible turns, but it also has a ton of room at the rear of the shoe to grip dead center or to slide left or right.  For those who flip with an off-center grip, Challenger is a great choice!  The symmetrical double-sided cleats on the tips provide great counter weight for easy flipping and turning.  Challenger is the ultimate backyard shoe and it reaches far beyond that, as it is commonly pitched in league and tournament play all over the country, especially in doubles and team competitions.  

Even though each Thoroughbred Horseshoe model has a unique design, purpose and performance, they all share these common features:

Made in the USA
Two-year warranty
Durable iron alloy

Resists burring

Retains its shape 

Tournament grade

NHPA Sanctioned

Official size and weight

Perfectly matched pairs

Non-flaking, matte finish

Stock colors: blue and red

Every Thoroughbred Horseshoe can take a serious beating… it’s part of the plan from the beginning, as we know our customers well!  So, they should all last quite a while even with heavy pro-level usage… hence the two-year warranty.  But if used only occasionally, a set of Thoroughbreds may last a lifetime.

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