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Wall Guard wall repair door knob damage fix repair Ivory KnobNest U-Getting -2

Current Price:14.95 USD
Ends:August 11, 2018, 12:32 UTC
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                               Wall Patch. No.!!! This is a permanent repair

                       With 2 / 3 inches of added clearance. Great for Bathrooms.

              One time Fix for Ever. Less than 10 min to fix, No special tools required.

                 You Get 2 and Free Shipping.   These KnobNest are Ivory Color.

                                            Best New  Home Repair Product .     

                       Check out my !         No More Door Stop's

                                    For your New One To Choke On             

                Over Half The Kid's That Get Choked . Choke On Door Stop's !!

                                               Door Knob goes in Wall. KnobNest ®

            Great for Scooters in the Home or Office and Bathrooms.   Made In USA.

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