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(AA-10953,B24) Chromegatron Color Analyzer, 120/240v, USA, Works Great!, Tested

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Ends:October 30, 2018, 13:28 UTC
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(AA-10953, B-24)  Chromegatron Color Analyzer, Cat# 414017, 120/240v, 10w, Berkey Marketing Companies Inc, Made in USA, Tested, works, used and in very good condition.  Used in photography and lithography, printing.

Please Read 

-Unless noted, the above item is USED.  That means we do not know the history, we do not know if it is complete, we do not know if someone or something has damaged it inside or even on the outside. 

We will take photos and note if something looks out-of-the-ordinary or damaged.

-Please do your part:  READ the description and look at every photo carefully.  ZOOM IN on photos.  We have used a good quality digital camera to take these photos, so use the photos for your due diligence.  The photos are part of the description for sale.  You must view the pictures to gain a complete grasp of the items condition. 

-ALL SALES ARE:  AS IS, no warranty, no guarantee, no refund.  This is not meant to sound harsh!  We are going to great lengths to sell you an antique, unrestored item, and it is being sold “as found”.  If you have any questions, send them before purchasing. If an item is NEW, we will state that.  If not, assume the item is used and will show some use or wear.

-All used items will show use, wear, tarnish, oxidation, handling, bumps and scrapes, etc….  We will not bring your attention to what we view as normal wear and tear of any item.  We WILL note if something lacks wear and tear or it shows EXCESSIVE wear.  We usually do not perform restorations on any antique we are selling.  We sell it as found or as handed to us by the consignor.  If you are viewing a book or journal we have up for sale, assume it is used, will show wear and age.  We are not assessing it for smell or freshness (we all know what old books smell like) so assume it smells like an old book!


If the item being sold is Gold, Silver or Sterling Silver:  We have tested or examined at our facility the item being sold or we have repeated to you what the consignor has verified to us to be the facts.  For these items only, you have 30 days from transaction date to verify the weight and purity stated (+/- 5%) in a non-destructive way, at your expense.  If you are not assured of our descriptions of this item, you may ship the complete, undamaged item back to us, prepaid with insurance for a refund of the initial purchase price only.  After 30 calendar days have elapsed, we assume you have verified our descriptions, purity content and weight of item you purchased.  If we are unsure about a type of metal or it’s purity, we will state that in the description and thus, this item is not covered under the above return policy.  That item is sold as is, as described with no refund or return permitted.

-Measurements & Weights:  are in inches and usually expressed in decimal fashion.  So 1 ¾ inches will be shown as 1.75”.  All measurements are approximate and are meant as a guide only.  Tip to tip measurements are the norm.  When you see the word “Projection or Proj.”  it usually is the third measurement and can mean depth.  Such as a door knocker may be 6” x 4” but project 5” from the door straight out at you.  That is the “Proj.” measurement.  If we use metric, you will see “mm” or “cm” after the number.  For jewelry, weights are usually in Grams (gr) but also may be expressed in ounces (oz) and in some cases of fine jewelry we will also state it in Troy ounces (ozt) or Grains (g).  Ring measurements:  There are four different standards for measuring rings used around the world (not including wide bands).  We try to show the three most used.  If any questions, please send us a message.

If we do not see country of manufacture on an item, we will put nothing.  (Even if we know from past experience, we will usually put nothing in this heading).  That is up to you to do your research and make your decision accordingly.

-Most items we sell can be shipped to foreign countries for an extra charge for the postage.  We do NOT use eBay’s Global Shipping!  We prepare overseas shipments ourselves.   The postage rates you see herein are for domestic shipping only.  Send us an email through eBay with your address and country.  We will find out your shipping options and quote you accordingly.  NOTE:  Overseas shipping takes a few extra weeks.  If you are an impatient person, pay the higher rate for air shipping!  Once the item leaves here, I cannot make it swim faster through the ocean.  All items:  FOB:  Niagara Falls, NY 14304  USA

-All sales are prepaid, payment (including your postage choice) is to be made by Paypal.   

-Attention Canadian Buyers: Because we are close to your border and we travel there at least once per week, we can import your purchases through the border and ship using your post office or local UPS.  Ebay doesn’t have that as an option for those along the border.  If you purchase an item, we will ship it cheapest way within Canada and refund you the difference in shipping  IF you want it shipped cheapest/slowest way.  If you choose cheapest way, you may have to forfeit the tracking number, and thus, you bear responsibility for any lost or missing shipment.

-Attention Foreign Purchasers:  Do NOT ask me to falsify the amount or contents of your shipment.  I run an honest enterprise and am truthful in all I say and write.  That goes for what will be on the outside of your shipment too.

-Shipping Lead Time:  Lead time is the time from when you place your order to when the post office or courier picks up your box.  Our warehouse now has many crates to keep organized.  It may take up to 5 business days to prepare your paperwork, locate the item you purchased, package it and prepare it for shipping.

-Shipping of Books, Journals, Printed items:  Shipping via Media Mail through the USPS is permitted in continental USA.  If shipping to other countries, regular shipping rates may apply.  This Media Mail discount is only available to USA addresses!

-Why is shipping so high on a particular item??  Before sending an email with all sorts of comments you may regret saying, please take a close look at the item again. 

We are human and we could have made an error in the approximate shipping weight of the item.  Let’s call that option ONE. 

Option TWO could be that the item is oversized or very fragile and will need to be put into a larger or custom sized box or crate with the correct amount of padding to protect it and ensure it gets to you in beautiful condition.  All these supplies cost money.  With these oversized or delicate items, we will keep track of the cost of the shipping supplies needed and the freight charges we paid to ship the item to you.  If we find there is a surplus owing to you, we will refund it to you once the item has been received in good condition by you.  We have operated like this for almost 20 years being on eBay.  If any questions remain unclear still, please send us a message before purchasing an item.  As always, best of luck in your purchasing on eBay and we hope to do business with you soon.

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