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Polaroid SX-70 Townsend Embossed Nubuck leather Stingray PolaSkinz SLR680/SLR690

PolaSkinz+Plus made exclusively by WickedSkinz!
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Ends:March 24, 2021, 1:48 UTC
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I’ve recently been asked on multiple occasions to explain the differences between my PolaSkinz which are made of Full/Top grain leather versus Recycled/Bonded leather that are being sold by other dealers. I hope that this helps sort out your questions about leather quality.

PolaSkinz are Made in the USA using only the very best, FULL AND TOP GRAIN leathers from all over the world by high end leather companies and tanneries.

Unlike “RECYCLED” leather which is actually termed as “BONDED” leather, and is .5mm-.7mm, and made using shredded scrap leather that is bonded together with chemicals, PolaSkinz are between 1mm-1.2mm, and need to be “DIE CUT” due to the strong nature of fibers in full and top grain leathers. Only the highest quality furniture, luggage, and footwear use full-grain leather. This high quality leather is found inside private aircraft, yachts, and high end interiors. It will last for years and will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Full and top grain leathers are on the top of the “leather pyramid”, as bonded or recycled leather sits at the very bottom of the same pyramid.

I hope that this helps with your choices in the future.


This listing is for one (1) PolaSkinz brand replacement skin with or without a tripod mount hole.  

This listing is for the PolaSkinz alone and any camera(s) pictured is for display purposes only, and is NOT included in the price.  Thank you. 

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We are proud to introduce PolaSkinz+Plus.  A new line of "High End" PolaSkinz replacement skinz.  Our +Plus line of skinz are made of the very highest quality leathers available.  We have put together an extraordinary line of hand picked leathers designed and manufactured using only the finest domestic, and imported hides.  From fine hides made in Italy by world renown designers such as Ralph Lauren, and Lee Jofa, to the very best domestic hides made by companies like Townsend, and Edelman.  Nothing less than the very best hides are used in our PolaSkinz+Plus line of replacement skinz. 

Whether domestic, or imported, each, and every PolaSkinz replacement skin is made entirely in the U.S.A. using the highest quality materials.  They are without a doubt, the best replacement skins to be found anywhere by anyone.  

We are excited to offer one of our brand new PolaSkinz+Plus skinz from our Townsend Leather collection.  Used by craftsman for private aircraft, and yacht interiors, Townsend designs are some of the best in the world.  This beautifully embossed leather from Townsend's "Stingray" line is made from the finest Nubuck Cowhide available.  They are extremely soft, and luxurious to the touch.  They are beautifully hand crafted, and indicative of the impeccable quality that both WickedSkinz and Townsend leather offers.  They are only one of many series of PolaSkinz made with Townsend Leather in our new +Plus line of PolaSkinz yet to be listed.  They are offered here exclusively by WickedSkinz LLC.  

They will fit perfectly on the entire line of SX-70 Land Cameras including all Alpha, Sonar, and SLR680/690 cameras. 

Made of the highest quality, PolaSkinz aren't cheap sticker skins like other replacement skins sold online. There is no wondering or guessing what PolaSkinz are made of. Simply put, you won't find another set of replacement skins that even comes close to the quality that PolaSkinz has to offer.  

PolaSkinz are also going to be offered in other materials as well. We will offer embossed, and countless other leather colors and textures. Custom monogramming and branding will also be offered for that special touch. Man made materials such as vinyls and acrylics. A high end line of carbon fiber and carbon fiber/Kevlar hybrid skins. Exotic wood veneers, genuine animal hides such as snake, ostrich, lizard and others. Machined anodized aluminum, stainless steel, real stone and abalone veneer as well. These skins are all ready for purchase and will be sold on our site so keep an eye out.  

PolaSkinz have a "peel and apply" adhesive. Although the adhesive is strong, it can be lifted and repositioned for a short time when installing. This allows you to temporarily re-position PolaSkinz if needed.

PolaSkinz are guaranteed to be as described here, and the best skins available or your money back! If you don't agree with the quality, fit, and beauty of our skins, simply return them within 14 days for a full refund! It's that simple.  

Dealers are welcome to inquire about multiple skin discounts. Feel free to ask any questions you would like and additional pictures can be sent to you upon request.  

Thank you and as always,

Good Luck and Happy Buying!




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