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SALE! VERY Rare! Coyote Collections Multi Layer Wood Puzzle RARE!! Made in USA

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Ends:March 24, 2021, 2:43 UTC
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This was one of my youngest son's toys - and he loved playing with it. A matching game that is not too easy - your child will have to think, but fun and almost indestructible! Made of wood, with colorful homes and activities painted on one side. The base holds the pieces together as your child (grandchild?) figures out which pieces go together to make which home. The white house is the base and does not come apart.

All pieces present and in very good condition (especially considering the age). This is a Coyote Collections toy from 1988.  Very scarce item, these days!  MADE IN THE USA!!

I've been asked if mine is a non-smoking home. Well, the house USED to smoke, but we broke it of that nasty habit years ago. If the 2 miniature Poodles smoke, we haven't caught them at it yet. Hubby and I both have asthma, so WE don't smoke... I think we can safely assume that this is a non-smoking home.

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