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Antique Violin Hand made 89 years ago*** 1928

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Antique Violin Made in the USA*** 1928

This Antique violin has been in our family for years. I'm not an expert but the history of this instrument is fascinating. It was made in the USA by Charles Beard in Jerseyville, Illinois. The violin is stamped on the inside Charles Beard Jerseyville Illinois Nov 11, 1928. Top- close grained spruce-light amber color. Back and sides made from Birds Eye Maple taken from a dresser top that was 100 years old in 1928. Charles Beard was taught violin making in Germany while serving as a spy for the U.S. Army and living with a german family of violin makers. I've had trouble putting a value on this piece and I've been given prices ranging from 2000.00 to 7500.00. This is an incredible hand made in the USA piece of history. Comes with original case and 2 hand made bows.

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