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Antique vintage DENTIST CABNIT drawers dresser

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Ends:December 7, 2017, 20:58 UTC
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Good condition . by The American CABNIT co. Metal wood goods . made in USA. Measures 50" tall. 38" long and 16" wide. LEAD lined up top. That was to hold waste from dentistry. Its is very clean! CABNIT is very heavy! . metal drawers does include milk glass trays. About 12 trays. The top 2 drawers are built in to fit tools. The milk glass trays are arrangable. Spot on edge on the right need striping replaced in corner. Easy fix. Only plastic edge. Not harming CABNIT at all. Very solid nothing else really wrong with it. Drawer handles have black paint that has wore off. Not effecting the shape of the handles at all. This does require PICK UP ONLY. Takes 3 people to move or 2 very very strong men. I have right by my doorway. Blond beige.old vintage color and black. Please ask a question if I can with any further information is needed. Thank you.

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