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Small BUCK Folding Knife w/Two Blades- 1988 Made in USA #305 Buck pocket Knife

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Ends:December 8, 2017, 21:15 UTC
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         This listing is for a barely ever used Buck folding pocket knife with two blades.  It's the perfect size to slip in your pocket and never have to worry about it being bulky & getting in the way, and at less than 3/4 Oz. it does not weigh much. This knife is a genuine MADE IN THE USA model #305 that was manufactured in 1988 according to the date code on the main blade. I don't think it has ever been sharpened, because the knife still had the razor sharp factory edge on it when it was found, and I actually cut the heck out of my finger when I checked to see if it was sharp!!! IT WAS EXTREMELY SHARP!!!-DUH!!

        This item belonged to my wifes  late father, who picked up several folding knives at the Air Force base while he was still in the A F Reserves. The edge has been dulled some, because I've been using this knife during  the last 2 weeks and it has worked well for a small knife that only measures a bit more than 4- 1/2 inches long w/ the main blade open. I'm a professional Chef, and I own a boatload of knives, so I decided to sell this little gem to someone who can get more use out of it.  I'm partial to the Buck #110 I bought back in the mid 70s, even though the blade is a bit shorter from sharpening it on river rocks while I was fishing at my favorite stream.

    We  found this knife in a box full of assorted pocket knives, wrist watches, and jewelry in his dresser drawer, and it has a small amount of minor blemishes from rubbing against the other  items in the box over the years... But no serious damage! This knife is NOT a 'made in China' situation like the modern ''U.S.A.''  Buck knives that are currently being produced. According to what I read on the BUCKKNIVES.COM website, many people feel the Chinese made knives are inferior to the vintage USA Bucks!! WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT?? GEE! WHAT A SURPRISE!!

          I prefer payment for this item to be made using PayPal, which will help to expedite the shipping of your item as soon as possible after I receive payment confirmation from PayPal. I will use First Class Package postage atThe US Post Office to ship this item.  The auction winner will pay $3.00 for S&H. All  of my packages for delivery include easy to use USPS online tracking here on this  ebay auction, so you can see the updated scanning of your package through the U.S. postal system .

             I only ship to The United States and Canada, no oversea or foreign buyers PLEASE.

         I will soon be listing the other pocket knives as well as wrist watches, jewelry, & a few  gold + silver US coins to auction off on eBay- so please check and see if I have other items you may enjoy bidding on. THANK YOU!!            -+


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