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Brownie 8mm Projector film movie projector "film transferring" Kodak/NR/8 mm

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Ends:April 11, 2019, 22:31 UTC
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Brownie 8 mm movie projector model A 15. Clean very good cosmetic condition. I have checked this projector over and upon plugging it in and turning it on, it immediately blew the bulb so the bulb does not work. Also upon trying to start the film reel moving it makes a loud noise and the reel only moves very slowly in either direction. I don't know if it can be repaired or not but it would still make one heck of a display piece. Super clean, everything is like new. No dirt or blemishes on the projector except for a very minor nick in the power knob, you can't see it as much as feel it when you touch it. Super clean on the inside, it looks like it has never been used. The carrying case shows a little dirt and a few very minor scrapes on the case. See the pics. Original case. Light bulb does not work. Visually a stunning and well made simple 8mm projector. Made in the USA. 


Includes the projector, case and take up reel.

Please be advised I am not the original owner.  My items come from various places.  I do my best to stay away from items that have been smoked around.  My home is smoke free. I do estate and storage locker clean outs so these are being listed and shipped as they were found. I have 10,000 items still to list so as you can imagine, I do not have time to thoroughly clean every item I sell and ship. This projector is being sold as it was found in the estate I cleaned out without having been dusted or cleaned. Please keep this in mind when buying this item


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