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Neon Green and Grey 550 Paracord Multifunctional Lanyard - Hand Made in the USA

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Ends:September 15, 2018, 0:18 UTC
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Heavy Duty 550 Paracord Multifunctional Lanyard in Neon Green and Grey

Crafted out of 550 mil type paracord... A great way to carry your compass, small optics, keys, GPS, camera etc.. while hiking or in the bush and have 35+ feet of 550 mil type paracord with you at all times! Hand crafted in the U.S.A. and made out of US paracord 

1 heavy duty cobra weave lanyard w/ whistle and detachable clip section. The loop measures approximately 33'' and offers 35ft. of useable paracord. Being made of ultra strong and light weight, water resistant paracord which can be unraveled quickly if needed and is a great aid for building shelters, splints, tourniquets, fire bows, sewing, traps, fishing line and much more.. it's a must have survival item!!

-  detachable clip section now features an upgraded chrome clip (see pictures)

- Color may vary slightly depending on computer image settings

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