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Carlino Custom Teal Leather Flame Black Leather Guitar Strap

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Ends:April 11, 2019, 23:48 UTC
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Custom Made

in the USA

Carlino Teal Leather Flame (with 4 flames)

and Black Leather Custom Guitar Strap

First...these are flippin' gorgeous

so happy with how these came out

and hand made COMPLETELY in the U.S.A

this strap was painstakingly designed to the .0001 inch

 design in auto-cad for precision.

If that's not close enough, I don't know what is...

   The leather is high end

Tandy 4-5oz Vegetable tanned Garment leather, smooth face,

  and a 3-4 oz suede backing. Very soft flexible vegetable tanned leather

 boot stitched flames all the way through for strength and stability

 leather front and back pieces as well for strength,

all straps are cut from the same

hide for consistency of look in the grain and feel.

All of these hides are hand picked by myself at the Tannery.

Adjustment at the tail allows for full length to 58" with a shorter length of 53"  using the last hole in the tail, and can be used even shorter using the latter 4 holes if you like.

 This is still a longer than normally available strap for those who want that full length feel.

If this is too long I can do a shorter version for you.

The flames are 4 in number, 2 large , 2 short and spaced accordingly.

in the last picture you can easily see the differences between the really long version and this one.

These are then stitched to surround the flame and outline it.

 The flames are bright soft Teal colored high quality leather and the back is black suede

The full strap width is 3"

 All double stitched back and front all the way through with 50lb thread for strength.

 These are one of a kind and the nicest quality around, you will not be disappointed.

The shaped front and end pieces are my trademark design

and all of the straps in this series will bear this shape.

  This strap is made entirely in the USA and that means something.

 However, if you do not like this design, I can custom make you one

just send me a message and I can do anything.

These straps are not cheaply made and have weight to the, they FEEL

expensive when you pick them up and hold them in your hands,

 you are getting your money's worth here.

 These are all Custom Made and each one is hand made and awesome

these come with a 12" long tail



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