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Carlino Identity Paul Stanley Solo Tour Style Full length studded leather strap

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Ends:June 8, 2019, 21:16 UTC
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Custom Made

in the USA

 Here it is the

Carlino PS Style


65" long non adjustable

Studded Guitar Strap

 that would go perfect with the newly reissued PS10

                                                                 This strap has 20 sections of

12 mm nickel plated studs and new silver plated 1" round rope edged conchos on this strap.

This particular one is 65" from strap hole to strap hole, and it is lasered

to accept Schaller Straploks.

Note: these pics show the strap unstitched,

updated pics will show stitched version in a few days

First...these are flippin' gorgeous

so happy with how these came out

and hand made COMPLETELY in the U.S.A

aka...Paul Stanley style

 strap locks sized holes are lasered in but no straploks are included

yours can have your name on it with a serial number if you like .

 With the new Ibanez Paul Stanley Model PS10 being released at the

2015 January Namm Show, this would be the perfect strap to match that new guitar

if you plan on ordering one. They will go fast.

This strap was painstakingly designed to the .0001 inch

 design in auto-cad for precision.

The last pic shows a screen shot of the rivet diameter hole, exactly .115 round

 in the same spot at .105 height of the strap, so each smaller perimeter stud is exactly

 the same distance away from the edge of the strap.

 If that's not close enough, I don't know what is...

Every stud hole has been lasered to its perfect location on the strap.

After trying different stud styles and application methods,

I settled on the rivet style.

These are also set for Schaller Straplok System as shown in the pics

 and holes are laser cut to receive them,

if you use a different style like Dunlop please let us know before we start.

 Only because the stud post, measured with digital calipers

 to .105", can be lasered out to 1/1000" smaller so that it fits snug in the hole, making the front stud placement perfect.

 This aligns all of the studs in a straight line and they're all set by hand. The leather is high end

Tandy 4-5oz Select black leather, smooth face,

 with cotton padding and a 3-4 oz textured black leather back.

  The shaped front and end pieces are my trademark design

and all of the straps in this series will bear this shape on this strap only.

The other adjustable model is in another auction

 This strap is made entirely in the USA and that means something.

 I tried looking overseas and got samples and the quality and the attention to detail

just was not there so I am doing it myself.

 However, if you do not like this design, I can custom make you one

just send me a message and I can do anything.

These straps are not cheaply made and have weight to the, they FEEL

expensive when you pick them up and hold them in your hands,

 you are getting your money's worth here.

 If you want a different length we can make that as well

just choose BUY it now and leave us a message

with the correct size



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