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Fender Flag Guitar Decal Headstock Made In USA Logo 198

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Ends:July 13, 2018, 21:17 UTC
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    Our Gold and Silver Restoration Logos


  • ü  Gold and Silver foil…doesn’t get any better than that!
  • ü  These are our top quality logos, the best of the best!
  • ü  Top quality restoration Logos for all your needs
  • ü  Fast Worldwide shipping
  • ü  100% customer service even after the sale
  • ü  We accept all returns
  • ü  All images on our site are low resolution
  • ü  These logos exceed factory quality
  • ü  Our logos are handmade and hand packaged for quality assurance
  • ü  All logos ready to use!
  • ü  Laser, Inkjet and Heat Sublimation all produce top quality logos
  • ü  The printer we use, is NOT our sales pitch…our quality and service is the pitch! 

      Our company can hit the "Print" button on our top of the line...Injet, Laser or Dye Sublimation Metallic printers as easy as the next guy.  The printer we use, is NOT a sales pitch…our quality and           service is the pitch!

  • ü   Injet, Laser and Dye Sublimation "All" produce awesome restoration projects.  
  • ü    We also make custom logos and custom serial numbers

      It takes too much time to prepare and restore a guitar…take your time and do it right

      the first time. That’s how our company started manufacturing guitar logos…quality is a must.

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