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e094 5363K Standard Used Brass Roller Saddle - Genuine Kahler® Parts

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Ends:May 7, 2019, 20:44 UTC
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Kahler OEM Part: #5363K

Quantity: 1

Item description: This is for one brass roller saddle picked at random from this pile.

Manufacturer: Kahler International Inc./Kahler USA

Color: Black

Condition: Good working condition.

Fits these models: Fits all cam operated Pro, Hybrid and X-Trem tremolo and fixed bridges for guitars only. (22xx, 23xx, 4200, 4300, 7200, 7300, 3300, 3310, 4330, 7330).  

Other info: With these, you can upgrade the Flyer saddles to these longer sustaining saddles. All you have to do is buy six of them,.. unscrew the saddle rod and remove the "Flyer" saddle rod cover and the attached six Flyer saddles,... then slip the six new saddles onto the rod. You can enjoy better tuning stability and tone.

The genuine article: Looking for genuine OEM Kahler replacement parts? Look no further. This is the official Kahler OEM parts store on ebay. Here you can get the genuine Kahler replacement parts you need in one safe and familiar place.

Beware of imitations: All Kahler OEM replacement parts are made in the USA and are designed specifically for the new and old Professional series, the new Hybrids and the new imported X-Trem models. We also have parts for all the 80's fulcrum models: the 2720 Spyder, 2710 Killer, 2760 Steeler and 2500/2520 Traditional systems. 

International Buyers: We are the official parts department for Kahler International Inc., please understand we cannot mark items as gifts nor reduce the item cost on the customs forms. To help make sure delivery is not delayed, all of your ebay and paypal shipping information should be current and up to date. If not, please do so now before we ship. We appreciate your understanding.

Whammy Parts is the official Kahler Parts department for Kahler USA. We have the parts and accessories for all the Kahler models online... past, present and future. With over 850 parts available, it is impossible to re-create the vast Whammy Parts website here on Ebay. Therefore have made available here some of the most asked for parts, however if you do not see your item listed or are not sure if its the correct part, please feel free to use the Whammy Parts website to find all the Kahler parts available.

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