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1955/Donald Duck/Talking Pull Toy/Disney/#765/Made in the USA/Fisher Price

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Ends:July 12, 2018, 13:13 UTC
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You are viewing a vintage 1955, Donald Duck, Talking Pull Toy. It was made in the USA and is copied righted by Walt Disney Productions. It was produced by Fisher Price. Donald is 8 1/2" Tall. Most of his vintage ware appears on the lower back behind his tail where he was pushed by happy children. He moves well but is minus his original pull string and is minus one wire arm pull on his right side. He does not quack when pulled. Looks like he was all talked out years ago! His over all condition is very nice. It wouldn't take much to put him back in good working order. Because of his age and collectibility I will leave that for the collectors to decide. There were only so many of these charming wood pull toys of Donald Duck made. Once their finished all being sold on the market they will no longer be available.  Donlad is charming and fun to add to any toy collectors,collection. Please view all my pictures and remember he is money back guaranteed. Email me if you have questions. You know I enjoy hearing from you!

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