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Upcycled Blue, White and Yellow T-shirt Crib Quilt with Striped Pattern

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Ends:August 11, 2018, 1:07 UTC
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This quilt is made from recycled t-shirts and pajamas. There are 96 stripes and each stripe is 2" by 8." The stripes are light blue, white, yellow, and flannel print with hints of green. This is a very warm and cozy blanket that would be great for snuggling your baby. The back of this quilt is made from a very soft and cozy light blue and cream colored upcycled flannel sheet. I also have listed another crib size quilt made from the same fabric. It is the same size, just a different pattern. The 2 quilts would make a great gift for someone having twins.

This quilt measures approximately 34.5" wide and 49" long, perfect for a crib.  

The third picture shows this quilt on my dining room table. This view shows the size of the quilt,  how it lays, and how fluffy and cozy it is. Inside the quilt is new 4oz soft and crafty polyester batting, so it is very warm.

The blue binding is made from a t-shirt and hand sewn on the back, which makes it very strong and gives it even more of a handmade feel.

As with anything homemade/handmade, some of my quilts have minor imperfections on them. None of the imperfections, however, interfere with the usability or look of the quilt.

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