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Blue-Point 15/16" × 1" 12pt Double Box Wrench with Round Shaft # XD3032

Current Price:19.98 USD
Ends:March 24, 2021, 1:56 UTC
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This is a used BLUE POINT double box end Wrench made by Snap-On
in the USA.  I got this as a young mechanic.  My rep said if you cant afford
the real thing , then by the bluepoint.  He said as time goes by , you will want
the real mccoy.  He also said he'd do a buy-back if I ever want to upgrade.  It
sounded great.  Well time went by, and we got a new rep.  I asked him about
the buy back/upgrade.  He said "We don't do that- nobody does".  I always
seem to learn to hard way.
Anyways,  this is a great wrench but, they dont tell you that the chrome-looking
surface can chip and that it will rust.  I say buy this wrench to complete a set or
save your bucks and by the real mccoy.

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