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EXTRA FINE SUPER COMBO SANDPAPER 14 Pc.1500/2000/2500/3000/5000/7000/12000 Grit

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EXTRA FINE SUPER COMBO SANDPAPER 1500/2000/2500/3000/5000/7000/12000 Grit 

1500 GRIT sheets   5-1/2"x 9 "-made in Germany (paper)
2000 GRIT 2 sheets    5-1/2"x 9 "-made in Germany (paper)
2500 GRIT sheets   5-1/2"x 9 "-made in Germany (paper)
3000 GRIT 2 sheets    5-1/2"x 9 "-made in Germany (paper)
5000 GRIT 2 sheets   5-1/2"x 9 "-made in Germany (paper)
7000 GRIT 2 sheets    5-1/2"x 9 "-made in Germany (paper)
Micro-Mesh  Finishing Sheet 2 sheet 6'' x 6" 12000 grit Extra Fine   (fabric)

This material is made to be used wet or dry, is made with a flexible cotton backing with polymer emulsion cushioning layer and large micron graded silicon carbide crystals suspended in an ultra flexible resin bond. 12000  made with aluminum oxide crystals.

Micro-Mesh is what we like to call a non-abrasive abrasive. It is considered a cushioned abrasive in fact.

Conventional sandpaper is designed to be aggressive so that it will dig deeply. In its manufacture the crystals are electrically charged so that they will stand up. They are locked into a hard resin and when you apply the paper to a surface it will literally tear in and remove the substrate of the material you are sanding. The crystals cut in a negative raking motion, leaving inconsistent scratch patterns.

Micro-Mesh does the opposite. The backing is long lasting cloth to which an ultra-flexible cushioning layer is applied. This cushioning layer will determine how far forward you can push crystals before they will penetrate the cushioning layer. On top of this layer, we have a very resilient glue, not a hard resin, but a completely flexible glue that will hold the crystals while allowing it to move and rotate. The crystals can turn in any direction without coming loose.

Use these products for finishing precious metals (i.e. silver, gold), plastics, acrylics, polycarbonates, bakelite, fiberglass, gelcoat, urethanes, celluloid, laquers, fiberglass, cast polymers, soft woods, cultured marble, coatings, composites, and more.




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