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Mobile , Multi Media Sculpture, Art

upcycled, vintage,nature
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This simple yet elegant piece entitled

"Beauty in Imperfection"- An artists interpretation of Wabi-Sabi.

It all started when I found an oddly shaped, yet intriguing piece of wood on a walk in the woods; shortly thereafter I found a broken mussel shell strikingly beautiful in color and form. They brought to mind the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, beauty in imperfection and acceptance of the transient nature of life. The piece is this artists representation of that philosophy.

The old tree still speaks to us through the piece of wood it left behind, wrapped in thickly coiled copper wire, it is the focal point of the mobile . The broken mussel shell took weeks of hand polishing to achieve the luster and color that was desired and has the shape of a leaf, with small accents of copper wire added to draw the eye. Accompanying are two seashells, one a "True Tulip "shell the other ( left) is a "Lightning Whelk". The eye-catching Brooch in the center has not been altered, and is a Sarah Coventry piece titled " Remembrance", circa 1968. The piece has a hook and a pin, and was designed to be worn as a necklace or a pin.

The piece is hung with sturdy Hemp rope.

Measures 11" wide 36" long

Add a butterfly , dragonfly or another wire wrap insect for 5.00! Just PM me!

Mother Dragon's Garden 🐉 ~one of a kind gifts and home decor, inspired by nature; made with love! God bless!

Thank you for looking! Custom recycle work done on request. I specialize in taking old jewelry or any items of importance to you and giving them a brand new life!

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