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Detroit Tigers Upcycled T-shirt Crib size Quilt or Wall Hanging MLB baseball

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This is the perfect one of a kind quilt for a baby's crib. Start your baby out as a Tiger's superfan! Once they outgrow it, make it a really cute wall hanging. This blanket is very warm and cozy and would be great for snuggling your baby. This quilt is homemade from upcycled Detroit t-shirts on the front. The navy blue border is made from a t-shirt and the flannel border is made from navy, orange and white pajama pants. The back is made from an upcycled jersey bed sheet. This quilt measures approximately 35" wide and 52" long. The colors of the t-shirts are varying shades of blue and orange. Since they are all from different Tigers t-shirts with varying degrees of wear they do not match perfectly, which makes this quilt look really cool and different.

Inside the quilt is new 8oz Soft and Crafty polyester batting which makes it really warm. This quilt is very soft, fluffy and cozy.

The navy blue binding is made from a t-shirt and hand sewn on the back, which makes it very strong and gives it even more of a handmade feel.

Once in a while, to make the print on a shirt more centered, I will seam it with another piece of the same shirt. You can barely see the seam and it makes the printing much more centered. (This quilt has 3 squares with seams).

As with anything homemade/handmade, some of my quilts have minor imperfections on them. None of the imperfections, however, interfere with the usability or look of the quilt.

All of my quilts are made from clean t-shirts and pajama pants. Made in a smoke free home.

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