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Kodak 16mm Single Perf White/Grey Acetate Film Leader 100ft Reel (LOWEST PRICE)

Current Price:13.45 USD
Ends:November 9, 2018, 14:24 UTC
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Introducing Kodak's 'NEW' White Opaque Acetate Leader.  At first sight, you'll notice a big difference.  This stock features clear acetate support with a white opaque coating, built in conductivity to reduce dirt attraction, front to grey backing, and is fully writable on the front side.  This new generation stock replaces Kodak's old white opaque acetate leader, which has now been discontinued.  

Please Note: for cement splicing, opaque coating on front side, like emulsion, will need to be scraped off.

Order more than one now and SAVE BIG ON SHIPPING!

Beware of other companies selling old stock, leader made from third parties or film leader made of plastic not acetate ... which is awful stuff that jams in your projectorThis is the real thing and the best leader in the film industry and now it's 'New and Improved'.  Always 100% made in the USA by Eastman Kodak ... so don't settle for less!

It's a cold, hard fact....movie supplies are getting harder and harder for film buffs to find.  When you can find it, suppliers are charging way above retail price and half the time the stock is old and has been sitting around for YEARS Is that fair?  Of course not!  I'm an avid film collector myself and I feel your pain ... that's why I've started buying Genuine Kodak Leader 'Fresh' in Bulk ... and selling it for LESS All that's missing is the pretty yellow Kodak box. If you can live with that ... then you're in luck ... because this is the exact same stuff!   Buy your Kodak 16mm Single Perf leader 'FRESH' and get it for LESS!

I have a perfect 100% Favorability Rating so you can buy with complete confidence ... and be sure to check out my other auctions for rare film supplies all offered at a LOWER COST than competitors!  

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