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99-02 Chevy Silverado LT HD Z71 -Driver Side Bottom LEATHER Seat Cover Dark Gray

Replacement Automotive Leather Seat Cover -MADE IN USA-
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About Us

Our OEM replacement seat covers are guaranteed to match your vehicles interior! Richmond Auto Upholstery has been manufacturing automotive seat covers for over 35 years and only specializing in original factory replacement leather seat covers, steering wheel covers, center console lid covers & much more! If you cannot find what you need for your Chevy Silverado then please give us a call at (832) 421-2176 with your vehicles information!

To ensure you receive the correct cover, please send us your VIN Number & 3-Digit Interior Trim Number during check out or email it to us after you have made your purchase. If we do not receive this information within 24 hours we will send an email requesting the information to process your order.

By cutting out the middle man we save you money! We manufacture all of our replacement leather covers and ship the product directly from our office in Houston, TX. Leaving you with a OEM quality cover that is made in the USA without paying high dealership prices! We manufacture all of our replacement covers to the OEM specs and only use genuine original factory leather and material. All of our materials come in the original factory color, there is NO Painting or Dyeing involved so your cover will never peel or fade! Quality is mandatory which is why each cover is individually handmade and tested for fitment before it is packed and shipped, if you are not satisfied with your cover you have a 100% money back guarantee!! We have been supplying franchise dealerships with our handmade Replacement Covers for over 35 years and we are now offering them to the public! Please feel free to call us at (832) 421-2176 if you have ANY questions!

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  • Brand New Driver Side Bottom Replacement Ultra Leather (Synthetic) Seat Cover for your 1999-2002 Chevy Silverado Truck !!
  • Original Factory Color: Dark Graphite "Dark Gray"
  • Fits: Driver Side Bottom
  • Fits: Heated Seats and Non-Heated Seats
  • FREE SHIPPING, Brand New, Never Used !!
  • ** PROUDLY made in USA (Houston, Tx) **
  • Takes 30-40 Minutes to Install, can email Installation Videos!!
  • OEM Quality Leather or Better, Not an Economy Aftermarket Grade
  • Actual Replacement Cover - NOT A SLIP ON or PULLOVER. You will REMOVE the OLD COVER & then install the New Leather Cover!!
  • Not Sure What Color or Cover Your Vehicle NeedsDo Not Worry!! Just give us a call!
  • We carry the matching Lean Back, Armrest & Passenger Side Replacement Leather Seat Covers in Our eBay Store!!
  • We also carry this seat in the factory Tan & Light Gray colors in Our eBay Store!!

Why do we use Ultra Leather?
Dark Graphite leather is no longer available in the factory color, it has been discontinued. We have been manufacturing this seat cover in Ultra Leather for over 10 years and have been supplying them to over 240 GM dealerships! If you are not satisfied with your cover, you have a money back guarantee on all of our items. Ultra Leather is a very strong and durable synthetic leather that looks and feels like real leather. Several newer Truck's & SUV's come with full Ultra Leather seats from the factory!

  • This Replacement Seat Cover is Guaranteed to fit the following Vehicles:
    • 1999 - 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2500 Single-Cab & Quad-Cab LT, LS, Z71
    • 2001 - 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 1500HD Single-Cab, Quad-Cab, Crew-Cab LT, LS, Z71
    • 2001 - 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 2500HD Single-Cab, Quad-Cab, Crew-Cab LT, LS
    • 2001 - 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Single-Cab, Quad-Cab, Crew-Cab LT, LS

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We have been specializing in Leather Seats for over 35 years and have been providing official GM Dealerships with our original replacement leather seat covers for over 14 years. We also supply New Car Dealerships, Automotive Accessory Stores, Catalogs, Internet Retailers and many Independent Automotive Repair Shops with our Replacement Seat Covers, Armrest Covers, Center Console Lid Cover and Steering Wheel Covers. We are the manufacturer and the product ships out from our office in Houston, TX. Please feel free to call us at (832) 421-2176 if you have ANY questions!

We carry Replacement Leather Seat Covers for all the Chevy Silverado Truck's from 1995 to 2017. Gray, Tan, LT, LS, Z71; whatever it may be, WE HAVE IT!! If you cannot find what you are looking for on our auction site then please call us at (832) 421-2176 and we will make sure you get the correct seat for your Truck!!

******* Please Email us your Vin Number and 3-Digit Interior Trim Number after you have made your purchase so we can verify the seat/color and make sure we send you the exact seat for your Truck. Your 3-Digit Interior Trim Number is located on the sticker in your glove box, look at the circle in the picture below to help you locate it or call us at (832) 421-2176 if you need help locating it. *******

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We also carry these items in Our eBay Store for the 1999-2002 Chevy Silverado Truck's:
We carry all of these Covers in EVERY factory GM Color!! 

Cover Details:
Our seat covers are manufactured with OEM quality leather & materials. These covers are designed to exceed OEM specs but with an OEM look. Our covers do not come with any pre-cut holes, we will provide you with written instructions when the cover is mailed or email you video instructions if needed. 

How to clean and maintain your new Leather Seat Cover:
We recommend using Griot's Leather Care or Lexol Leather Conditioner. Apply the leather conditioner on a applicator pad, then rub it on the leather cover. Repeat once a month for longevity. Avoid all purpose cleaners and protectants because they will stain and damage the leather. 

All of our items come with a money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with your order, mail it back to us for a refund! No questions asked! 

We will ship your new Replacement Leather Seat Cover with USPS FOR FREE. Please allow 2-3 business days to process, inspect, & test fit your order. Shipping will take 2-4 business days. Free Shipping is for US customers only. We also ship worldwide. Canada and Europe shipping costs is around $40. If you would like a shipping quote you can either call us at (832) 421-2176 or email us your zip code or mailing address and we will get back to you with a shipping quote. 

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