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1959 Harley-Davidson Other

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Want to actually Ride your Panhead?  


     Not a chopper, bobber, garage queen or unreliable stocker but a rider with approximately 5000 miles of  fine tuning on it since the initial assembly to make sure all systems are functioning the way I had anticipated. You can't buy the kind of love this bike has received. You do it for the love of the process of seeing ideas come to life. I received a great deal of coaching from the late Ceasar Boswell, a noted custom bike builder in Salt Lake city. 


                       A partial list of features and benefits follows:


*     Tech Cycle's electric start for Panheads grafted into vintage primary. Kit cost about 3K and took a fair amount of skill to install and works perfectly. Includes special clutch rod and powerful Oddysey battery as part of the package.


*     Reliable BDL belt drive and heavy duty clutch  installed.  Retained the classic looking "mousetrap" hand clutch assist.  Bicycle kicker pedal" retained for those who want to show off their kicking skills.


 *     Engine and transmission and all running gear tore down and rebuilt to the last  nut, piston and bearing. Tasteful Jagg oil cooler mounted to left side crash bar keeps your oil temps under control in slow riding or hot weather.


*     S&S carbs are legendary performers for vintage Harleys and this one is mated perfectly and they are very easy to re-jet for different altitudes. I live at 4250 feet and regularly ride to 8500 feet with no problems. Instant throttle response with the accelerator pump in the carb.


*     Optional tall or short windshield for use depending on the season. Passenger floorboard assemblies can be added for longer tours, two up. Has permanently installed stock passenger footpegs for shorter two up trips. Optional floorboards for passenger won't clear the kicker on the right side if you are into kickstarting your Pan.


*     High quality B & B reproduction saddlebags are period correct and easily removable. Notice the period luggage rack with scratch covers which is handy for a cooler. Has original center stand for ease of maintenance, plus a jiffy stand that I redesigned to work better than the original version.


*     Custom handmade cream color leather dual seat mated to "pogo stick" seat post. Also retained the adjustable spring tensioner for different rider weights on front seat mounting, typical of early 60's Harleys.


*     You need to look carefully, but note that there is a Disc brake setup off a late model Sportster gracing the front end. Modern traffic will not accept marginal stock drum brakes safely.


*     Full instrument package mounted in classic "Batwing" fairing. You have oil pressure, oil temperature, voltage, charging/accessory port and even a Ram mount for your GPS.  LED ignition light cleverly "double duties" as turn signal indicator with the use of diodes wired into the circuit.


*     Electronic distributor is reliable and eliminates all the hassle with old fashioned  points. Modern alternator replaced the stock generator for more reliable charging duties. 12 volt conversion throughout. Bright headlight, turn signals and dash lights.


*     When rewiring, I added 30 Amp circuit breakers ( 2 ) to protect the primary circuits and an easily accessible fuse block behind the gauges with correctly sized modern push in fuses to protect the secondary circuits. As some of you may know, vintage bikes have a habit of starting on fire because the electrical system is unprotected.


*      Speedometer is a original 1959 item refurbished by John Bourdos,  Denver CO and coincidentally, matched the major paint color almost perfectly. However, when I was assembling the transmission, which houses the speedo drive, I unknowingly installed the "slow gears" as now the speedo and odometer read one half the actual speed and mileage. It did not seem worth the time to tear it down again for that detail, as it still told me what I needed to know to drive safely.


*    Fishtail Mufflers are "true dual"separate exhaust harvested from a  late model Twin Cam perfectly matched to the profile of the saddlebags.


*     Oil filter is a modern spin on unit reminiscent of an earlier V Twin brand reproduction that was a notorious "leaker" so I researched a better alternative and installed this one. Uses a modern spin on oil filter. 


*      Note 8 quarts of Rev Tech  oil for your next two changes. Shop and historical reference manuals included. Battery maintainer with handy pigtail plug to keep your battery in peak condition.


     This machine will hum along all day at 65 MPH and always attracts a crowd of admirers.  It has been a daily driver  and has some normal dings and scratches etc., that will not show in photos. There is a small can of the aqua paint color  useful useful touchup. I do not over detail my bikes,  I ride them. It has the feel and sound of a bike that men would ride in the 60's but with reliability, stopping power, ease of starting, and classic good looks that make Harley Davidson the world wide favorites they are today. Kickstarts relatively easily for a fresh Big Twin with all the carburation and ignition upgrades. Oil stays cool when running in hot weather. Guages tell you what is going on with your machine. 


      Shipping in continental US would be $600 to $800 or you could ride it home. The previous vintage Harley I built (Knucklehead) went to Germany. I used all the experience I gained on the Knuck to make the Pan even more exceptional. Full payment verification before machine is shipped.  $2000 deposit upon winning bid. Clean Title. Questions welcome.


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