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Migliore Cima Sealant: A Quick and Easy High Gloss Spray Sealant *No Plastic Lid

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New. Opened but never used. It is missing the plastic cap. 

A revolutionary wipe on, walk away, spray sealant that offers extreme gloss! An entire car can be done in minutes. Made in the USA.

Migliore Cima Sealant is a high-tech wipe on, walk away paint sealant that provides the signature shine and long-lasting paint protection that users of Migliore carnauba waxes have come to know and love.

Formulated using advanced polymers that flash instantaneously, Migliore Cima Sealant only takes minutes to apply but the protection lasts up to five months. As with other luxury car care products that proudly display the Migliore name, Cima Sealant creates an extremely high-gloss, slick finish worthy of a show car. Migliore Cima Sealant is defined as a “wipe on, walk away” paint sealant.

Unlike a traditional spray-on car wax or spray-on paint sealant, Migliore Cima Sealant doesn’t require any buffing. Simply mist a small amount directly onto the surface and immediately distribute the product using a microfiber towel or applicator. Migliore Cima Sealant begins to flash as soon as it makes contact with the surface, eliminating the need for a second buff. Migliore Cima Sealant can be applied to a full size vehicle in less than 10 minutes!

Migliore Cima Sealant is the first product of its type that can be used to remove light dust and fingerprints. High-lubricity polymers safely lift and trap dirt particles, keeping your paint protected against scratches as you wipe. What’s more, Migliore Cima Sealant can be applied to glass, wheels, exhaust tips and plastic exterior trim. Treated surfaces will display tight water beading, even after multiple washes! If you’re on the search for a product that gives you the ultimate high-gloss finish and durable paint protection in half the time of a conventional paint sealant, Migliore Cima Sealant will exceed your expectations and reward you with crisp, clear reflections and winter-tough paint protection.

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