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1976 Les Paul Custom Maple with 24 volt Active Pickups & Schaller Tremolo

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Ends:August 10, 2018, 21:05 UTC
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Vintage 1976 Les Paul Custom Maple with 24 volt Custom Active Pickups and Schaller Tremolo
If you've always wanted a Vintage Les Paul Custom Maple with gold hardware but didn't want to pay $5,000 (or more) for it, here's your chance. This Les Paul is all hard wood with a durable natural finish. No Mahogany which makes the tone better. This is a lawsuit guitar made by Matsumoku in the 70's and is so well made that if it wasn't for the bolt on neck you wouldn't be able to tell the difference ! These were so exacting to a Gibson that Matsumoku was sued for copying their design which is why they are known as lawsuit guitars. The quality is as outstanding as Gibson was in the 60's & 70's. If you want to pay too much for an Over Priced Gibson, Go For it. This guitar is made just as well and takes all Les Paul parts in metric. This isn't a cheap copy like some Epiphones. Matsumoku had a reputation for making good guitars. Why do you think Gibson farmed out some of their work to Japan ?  Then they had them machined in China & assembled in the U.S. so they could say made in U.S.A.
  It has New Mighty Mite Active pickups with custom 2 -12 volt camera batteries installed in an easy access 9 volt battery box on the back cover for that Extra overdrive and clarity. It's been designed so that you can remove the camera battery case and go back to a 9 volt quick insert very easily on the back cover. It also has New Auto Locking Grover Tuners and a New Schaller Wammy bar all in Gold hardware. It has a New Graphite nut for easy string slip while using the Schaller tremolo bar. It has New Abalone speed knobs with new pot's and a New 1/4" female jack. It's wired so the battery doesn't draw power when it's unplugged. The inside of the electronics cavity is all wrapped in Copper and grounded to the chassis to keep noise out. It comes with the original bridge and tail piece if you ever wanted to change it back to stock, an extra set of strings and an extra set of 12 volt camera batteries.
  Outside of a small chip in the inlay on the head stock, a tiny abrasion on the first fret near the inlay, a couple small nicks (not through the finish) in the neck and a little mild buckle rash on the back, it is in very good shape for its age and has no damage that impedes its playability or stunning beauty. There's a little rust on the black frames around the p'ups but for $20.00 you can get the gold finish ones on Ebay.
The gold hardware is all new and pristine (except for the plate where the neck screws on to the body) but when I took the pictures I forgot to wipe off the dust and couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash. If you want close up detailed pictures that are clearer let me know and I'll try a different camera. The truss rod is intact and fully functional. The bindings are all still tightly in place. I like the action a little higher than some guitarists so if you want to lower it some more it is fully adjustable to your liking. I really put my heart into redoing this Les Paul with the guidance of a very skilled Luthier because I knew it was worth it for a better price than the old Gibson's. If you want you can buy the mother of pearl Gibson inlay for the head stock for $10.00 and no one would know it's not a Gibson. That's what I was going to do but the Les Paul's all turned out to be too heavy to enjoy compared to my lighter guitars. These were made when quality mattered and competition kept high quality. That's why I bought it ! If you really would like a Les Paul with a tremolo that is well proportioned and responsive to your style, you will be pleased with this Les Paul Custom.
Due to a back injury it has become to heavy to play a 4 hour gig so I'm letting it move on to a new home where it will get to be enjoyed as it deserves. It will be packed very well and comes with insurance of the value you paid. Tracking and
Shipping will be calculated according to where you are and which carrier you choose. I prefer FedEx for safer shipping. I package guitars in a triangular box which saves a lot of shipping cost so please ask me to get a price for shipping to you.
Happy Playing ....

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