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Solid 1x12 Cabinet 18" Deep for Modern Progressive Metal Tones Celestion K100

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Ends:August 10, 2018, 21:08 UTC
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Solid Cabs 1x12 cabinet are custom built for Modern Metal tones in recording studio applications. 

It is designed and constructed to produce huge thumping tones typically associated with 4x12 cabinets; but with a greater focus and clarity that only a single speaker driver can provide. It may look compact in size, but it is 18" deep; that's four inches deeper than any 4x12 cabinet! 

It's ideal for "down-tuned" modern hi-gain guitar players that want tight thumping tones. This cab design can handle very high volumes and it doesn't "flub out" or "rattle" at all. 

Made of premium 3/4" 13 ply baltic birch, using the full "box-joint" construction method for strength, durability and tone transfer. This cabinet is a true sealed box design, that also includes a"convertible open-back" option.

The Solid Cabs "50/50" rear design is also unique. Instead of just having a big rear lid, most of the back section is actually part of the main structure. This allows most of the cab's back section to resonate in unison with the rest of the box to produce it's huge even tone. The rear lid is basically large enough for speaker driver access, but it can be removed, for "open-back" use, if desired.

The Celestion's 16 ohm K100 driver has 100 watt power handling and massive tone.

This cabinet also features a 3/4" tapered front rear-loaded baffle, floating transparent speaker cloth grill. It is fully sealed inside using "Liquid Nails" and uses a Switchcraft barrel cable input jack, because a "sealed" cab should actually be sealed. There's also large rubber isolation feet and a firm rubber handle; all are backed with T-Nuts for durability. 

A lot of thought and quality go into each Solid speaker cabinet I build. They sound huge, tight and clear. The more power or gain you push into them, the better they sound. I've personally run these cabs with my rig and its amazing how huge their sound is.

If you're looking for tight monster modern metal tones, in an easy to manage recording studio quality guitar cabinet, check out this 1x12, you'll be glad you did! 

Feel free to ask any questions about this cabinet and I'll be happy to answer all of them.

They're also 100% Made in the USA.

Thank you very much!

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