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Mosrite Super Real Grade Reissue 1963 model , Regular Condition

Current Price:4,100.00 USD
Ends:January 13, 2018, 10:34 UTC
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Winter Sale from Akira's guitar shop in Japan!!

Super Discount from now!!!

Used secondhand sale made in USA that has not come out easily has arrived.
Metallic colors such as blue and green that mix well in a beautiful color have a variety of expressions in terms of lighting.
Because it is a delicate paint, there are some scratches, threads, small scratches, small dents due to use, but it is also wonderful and good penetration.

The neck is straight and there are still plenty of truss rods.
There is less fret abrasion, and rubbing and reflelets are still fine at ahead.
A clean rosewood fingerboard is also in a beautiful state without severe bruising.
It seems that the neck back paint was treated seriously, it is in a beautiful state.

Pegs, nuts, tremolo units, circuits, pickups are all in good condition and there is no problem with use.
Please purchase with confidence.

Fillmore certificate and genuine hard case (alligator leather pattern embossed brown leather sticker) are attached.
Serial number "0046"

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