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Snap On Tool box

Current Price:2,500.00 USD
Ends:June 8, 2019, 22:26 UTC
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Black Snap On box with red anodized trim. I can't say enough about this box other than it's an excellent box. I bought brand new when they came out (semi-rare) and left my job about 8 months after. It's been stored in my parents basement for 7 years. I've tried multiple times to get it shipped down to me and was finally able to receive it a couple years ago. During the time of not having it in my possession, I needed a box to store my tools so I ended up buying a Matco box. So the dilemma I'm in is the fact that I have to big boxes in a small garage. Since I've adjusted what I own to the Matco, the Snap On is taking up too much valuable space. This box is in great condition and the drawers roll smoothly and locks all work. I also have all the keys and key chain that came with it. I went through the box when I received it a year ago and found the original receipt for when I bought it. Well I didn't think I'd be selling it but I ended up burning all the paper work. I talked to Snap On and they said I could call them and get my receipt of the original purchase. So if you need it, let me know.

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