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9 VOLT BATTERY COVERS (SET OF 4) Survival Prepper Bug Out Bag MADE IN USA

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Ends:April 12, 2019, 14:14 UTC
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- ATOMIC 3D - 

You are buying FOUR (4) 9 Volt Protection Caps!      Items bagged in pairs.

MADE IN THE USA of tough and durable ABS using 3D Printing Technology!

Cap covers the top of a common 9V battery and protects it from shorting and accidental discharge.

This cover is marked with positive + and negative -  on the case and has an internal "grommet" to properly insert and seat the battery.

9 volts are commonly carried as a survival fire starter as shorting across the + - terminals with something like plain steel wool will cause a quick fire. They are also the usual primary power source for survival strobe markers.

"Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain" - This pair of items weighs = 0.85 oz (including packaging)





I am not a Walmart or Big Box store. I'm an Illinois Army veteran and retired street Paramedic with 25 years in the healthcare field.

I carefully create and evaluate each and every product I sell in volume. If I am not happy with it and it's not something I would be pleased with after purchase

then I won't sell it. 

I try to maintain a high standard of professionalism in my packaging and my shipping times.

I do my best to determine pricing based on the value of what I sell. Please consider that 3D Printing machine and filament use, Packaging, Shipping costs, EBay's seller fees and PayPal fees all are taken out of what I charge for an item!    

I want you to be happy with your purchase.  If you ever have an issue please contact me to resolve the matter to your satisfaction before leaving negative feedback!

Thank you so much for considering my products, and if you are pleased with what you get pass the word on and remember to leave Feedback! 

(Ebay business thrives on it!)



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