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Kodak EK6 Polaroid Instant Camera Made In U.S.A. With Box (Untested)

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Kodak EK6 Instant Camera

This is the Kodak "EK6 Instant Camera". It is an integral instant film camera produced by Kodak from 1976 to 1978. The camera would have originally used the ill-fated Kodak Instant Film Format and would have retailed for about $69.50 USD.


The EK6 features an all-plastic body, manual focus, automatic exposures, a darken/lighten switch, and no built in flash. The camera would have also required 2 J-pack batteries to power the internal electronics. The EK6 is nearly identical to its predecessor, the EK4. The only real difference between the two cameras is that the EK6 features automatic print ejection, where as the EK4 required the user to eject prints manually via a small hand crank.


You will notice that the nameplate on the front of the camera is still intact. Many Kodak Instant Cameras had their nameplates removed as part of Kodak's customer reimbursement program after losing a lengthy legal battle with Polaroid. One of the things that Kodak Instant camera owners were required to do in order to quality for the rebate was to remove the camera's nameplate and mail it to Kodak as proof they had purchased a Kodak Instant Camera (either Color burst, EK series or Kodamatic). As a result it is not uncommon to find Kodak Instant cameras with missing nameplates, although these are far less collectible than their unaltered counterparts.

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