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LEGO TECHNIC - WHITE - 2m LEVER - Part: 4213533

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Ends:February 22, 2019, 17:21 UTC
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LEGO TECHNIC - White - 2m LEVER - Part: 4213533

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Additional Information:

BueSeri Trading Company Upcycling Division offers upcycled pre owned and pre loved Lego’s. Potential upcycled Legos are received in large boxes, dirty, mixed and unsorted with any item that appears to be a building toy.

 As legos are sorted out of the mixed boxes, they are separated into colors that have been identified as lego colors.  Next, all bags of color specific legos are then gently washed in a hot water oxy mix. We do not scrub any legos but if we catch dirty ones still coming through we send them back into the wash or dispose of them if unsalvageable. Legos which have stickers or are embossed tend not to go through the wash step therefore damage is not caused to the picture or image on the stickers.  (These legos are pre loved, please don’t be offended if you find a little grime – we do our best to ensure clean pieces go out the door). After drying for several days spread out on towels, all colors are sorted into element bags which contain a single type of lego consisting of a specific color and design number. Element bags are then sent through an identification process based on the color and design which result in an element ID. With this information, Color, Design Name, and Element ID - We list our pre loved legos for sale.

 We strive to list our legos and as fast as possible however, upcycling pre loved legos is labor intensive. We love finding new homes and owners for our legos. We have worked to provide an economical shipping option to help reduce costs. We ship majority of our pieces bagged in small bubble envelopes or wrapped in bubble wrap. Please understand why we incorporate a small handling fee when ordering from us to help cover labor, materials, and fees. If you pay more for shipping then we have outlined above, We do our best to provide a refund to the buyer of the appropriate amount via paypal or including the refund with the item.

Feel free to reach out to us, We respond to emails as fast as possible and try to work with buyers as best as possible.

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