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New Fasrope QD HD Paracord 1100 Quick Deploy Bracelet Made in USA

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Ends:May 7, 2019, 21:50 UTC
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Fasrope QD HD Paracord Quick Deploy Bracelet


Paracord rope when you need it. Why waste 10 minutes or more un-braiding a normal paracord bracelet to gain access to the rope when you can have your rope ready to use in seconds?

Made with Paracord 1100, this heavy duty edition of our Fasrope QD bracelet is designed to handle the tough jobs. With a test strength of 1100 pounds, this rope can carry the load.

The Fasrope QD HD Paracord Bracelet by Survival OK gives you access to your rope in seconds, yet still looks great on your wrist. Rope when you need it; where you need it. Great item for every day carry (EDC) paracord.

  • Crafted by Hand in Oklahoma, USA
  • USA Made Paracord 1100 (1100 lb test line) 
  • Deploys in Seconds instead of Minutes 
  • Available only in Black at this time

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