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LOT OF 2 Vintage 1 Magnus Junior Accordions Made In USA 1 Made in USSR Toy Music

Current Price:8.00 USD
Ends:November 29, 2019, 4:49 UTC
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LOT OF 2! Vintage Accordians!

1 Magnus Junior Accordion Made In USA.

1 Unmarked maker just says: Made in USSR.

Condition is Used.

Both still work fine.

No major damage.

Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

********small print*****

PLEASE look at all pictures as part of the description and to determine if the condition is what you want and expect for your personal standards.

I sell vintage and used items. Nothing is new, so please, do not expect it to be new!

I do try my very best, to describe things that may be an issue for people: scratches, cracks, chips, repairs, etc. if there is something specific that you want me to look for, I will do my best to accommodate you.

I purchased this by picking various places and am starting it at less than I expect to sell it for, but at a minimum price that I can (hopefully) still afford to pay the eBay and Paypal Fees and for my time to find it, list it, package it, clean it, and ship it all covered up in bubble wrap and cellophane like a futuristic mummy. 

IF I notice damage, I will state it.

IF, somehow you win an auction or buy an item and I notice some damage that I didn't notice prior, when I go to pack it up, I will contact you and refund your money before I will send you an item that is unacceptable.

*****Please note that in some instances, usually for large or very heavy parcels, I offer the options of either priority mail OR parcel post: ******

IF you're close to Illinois the price is basically the same.
IF you're not... you're going to want to go parcel post because there is a big difference in cost.

Take note that parcel post is not included that normal $50 insurance that priority does. That means- if it is stolen or lost in the mail- it will not be monitarily reimbursed. And I will not claim responsibility for that, unless you want to pay the extra for insurance which would be a separate transaction. Usually around $3.

But, please make sure that you select which shipping method you want when eBay sends you an invoice, because that is the way I will send it, whatever is paid for.

I only accept returns if the item is damaged or NOT AS DESCRIBED.   
Your full refund will be made,


Upon return and message with email address, so I can PayPal you.
Item must be shipped insured if it was sent insured.  

If you don't like the item or it doesn't fit, that does not qualify for return. 

My eBay store is called "Divine Vintage Rescues".

You can browse my store at :


The pictures taken are usually with AND without flash, to show you the item in different lighting. Without flash is usually the more accurate color.

I am an experienced shipper so your items will be VERY carefully packaged.  

Please, realize, when you are shipping anything fragile, a lot of packing material (most times recycled) must be used to keep it safe in it's sometimes, surprisingly hazardous journey to it's safe home with you and that extra packaging does add to the weight of the package.  

Taking this into consideration I usually add an extra 6-8 oz. on to the weight because I sometimes double box and add a lot of packing material, if something's especially fragile.  

Combined shipping is available on all auctions.. if you do win more than one item contact me and I will find out the actual shipping cost, so before you pay the eBay bill, wait for my invoice instead.

I go out everyday to shop for items to sell to all my Ebay friends...I spend hours and hours scrubbing off sometimes I think- years of stuff on some. 

Sometimes, I don't wash the item at all if it will compromise the item in some way. (Original paper or foil stickers, old hand-painted items.)

I buy most of my pieces at auctions, flea markets & yard sales so, most of the time, I don't know the history of the item.

I am not an antique dealer or expert.  

I describe the item along with any flaws and markings I can find the best I can.

But sometimes, something that may be noticeable to you is not necessarily noticeable to me- so please review all the pictures.

I usually use all 12 slots, but if you need more pictures- please contact me.

Ideally, payment is expected within **** 3 days****. But communication is the key. If, for some reason you are not able to pay in 3 days, please get ahold of me.

I am more than willing to hold for a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes life just gets in the way of things and unexpected things happen. But you must get a hold of me and let me know because eBay will open up an unpaid item case if I do not intervene before the regular 3 day wait period.

RETURNS (To make sure you read it twice.)

I only accept returns if the item is damaged or NOT AS DESCRIBED.   


Item must be shipped insured if it was sent insured.  

If you don't like the item that does NOT qualify for return. 

ALSO: It is the buyers responsibility to as specific questions- if it is not marked in the auction.

Please look at all pictures as part of the description and to determine the condition is what you want. IN CASE I MIGHT HAVE MISSED SOMETHING THAT MAY MATTER TO YOU!

My eBay store is called Divine Vintage Rescues.

You can browse my store at :


Your standard postage rate includes cost of boxes, tape, and shipping materials.
The rate you pay isn't always what's noted in the listing- MOST THE TIME, BUT NOT ALWAYS. I am just a small ebay store and I SPEND ALOT ON the cost of packaging materials. So if postage paid isn't a substantial amount, it helps on packing supplies, which you will note, I am not stingy with, if it is over, say, $4, shoot me a message with your email address and I will send it to you as soon as I get the message.

ALSO, sometimes eBay calculations are wrong on amount of postage. In most cases if it's below $5 I will actually cover it without asking for reimbursement. If it is over though, I will contact you to make sure you still want the item for the postage still needed. If not I will just cancel the order and you will not be penalized in any way, shape or form.

Shipping is to be either Priority, First Class or Parcel Post.

Order ships within 2-4 business days.

I do my best to be prompt and professional with my Ebay sales.

However time is a valuable thing, and I must adapt it best for my overall needs.

If you purchase from me I can guarantee you three things:

1) You will get a competitive and fair price point for you purchase.

2) You will always receive your item(s) in condition advertised.

3) I pack extremely well. I'm a collector myself. I expect to ship how I would like my items shipped to me.

Happy Treasure hunting!

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