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Build Make Your Own Jumper Cables DIY Battery Supply Alligator Clamps Red Black

Current Price:23.99 USD
Ends:January 6, 2018, 21:32 UTC
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New pair of serious HEAVY DUTY Battery Jumper Cable clamps. Plastic / rubber coated Red and Black with stout clamping springs. It’s going to take a man or 2 hands for a woman to get these opened for the attachment. Solid copper connectors and designed to be crimped or soldered on up to 0 size cable.


You will receive 1 pair of these clamps, 1 black and 1 red clamp.

If you’re tired of those cheap chinese jumper cables and want to put your own set together, get 2 pairs and some welding cable and that will be the last set you buy unless you loan them out.



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