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10" Laboratory Glass Terrarium with Wooden Stand Made in USA

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10" Laboratory Glass Terrarium with Wooden Stand Made in USA

This laboratory style glass terrarium is unique and it's pine wooden base is made custom in the US. It's overall footprint is 10.5" x 8.5". The 2L glass bottle is 10" long and 5.25" in diameter. Inside the bottle, the "base" inside diameter is approximately 4.75" and the "top" inside diameter (the place where you'd put things through) is approximately 2.3" diameter. Because of it's removable glass cap, this terrarium can be both open or closed in style. One thing to note: because these are hand blown glass reagent bottles, they can have imperfections, come with dust/dirt, etc..

Product Details

Product TypeScience Gifts
  • Custom made in the US pine wooden base -- collapsable and assembles in seconds
  • 2000mL (2L or 67.6oz) thick laboratory glass container -- reagent bottle with removable glass stopped. Note: because these are hand blown glass, they may be dirty, have imperfections, etc.. That adds to the authentic look and feel of this terrarium.
  • Perfect for a desk or shelf
  • Can be used with succulents, cacti dry/desert, carnivorous, ferns, moss, or any other kind of habitat you can think of.
  • Because of removable stopper, can be used as both an open or closed terrarium - extremely versatile.

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