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Bosch Mastertech mt3100 special platinum edition. OEM Scan Tool J2534 OBD2

Current Price:430.00 USD
Ends:February 14, 2018, 4:27 UTC
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Working great.

This tool was oem for Toyota and Honda for a long time.

Includes lots of expensive extras look at the pictures.

J2535 flasher,
High capacity memory card
All of the adaptors and cables
Honda acura oem card
Kia oem card
Nissan infinity OEM card
Toyota lexus oem card

Gem is inside the high capacity card

Fantastic tool. Runs Toyota monitors access all of the hidden stuff other scanners can't. Snap on otc these guys could never compete with the master tech.

Vertronix master techs are much superior to the bosch matco and otc versions.

Only know issue is the Case is missing clips. one of the cables seams is questionable. Tested works but still sold as is .

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