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It is a Vintage Silver Snowflake Brooch Pin test both Sterling Silver and Gold

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Ends:May 17, 2018, 3:03 UTC
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A Vintage Silver Snowflake or Designed Brooch Pin. It tested. .925 Silver  or perhaps as I believe 14k Gold over Sterling. The safety latch is metal.It shows metal flaking off. All prongs are fasten to stones in good shape. I am not a jeweler but I have test kit to test metal. I am still learning. I think you will be satisfied with this lovely item. As is.

Please do look at photos, This is actual item you will receive. I am no expert. Just a person who loves jewelry and is trying to learn more. 

I just want to share the beauty at a good price. I feel everyone should have beautiful things to wear and surround themselves with.

I believe in upcycling, recycling, conserving, paying forward and sharing.

 I will combine shipping at same price on other jewelry as long as it doesn't go over shipping weight. When purchased at same time by the same person. I do what I can to keep cost down.

While I don't like to do returns my goal is for you to be Happy and Satisfied with your item or items when you receive them.  So, I do my best to describe each item the best that I can and please look at pictures. What you see is what you get.  If you have any questions just ask, please. I cannot always answer them but I do my best. 

If return is necessary buyer pays shipping. 
Also, I consider any reasonable offers on my items. This varies since I list so many different kind of items. No order is to small or large I am here to sell. 
Thank you for shopping with me!Have a great day and I am hoping blessings are headed your way.Good Luck!

About me: I am a honest person and am in no way trying to mislead buyers in anyway on my items.  I really do my best to descibe them and post good pictures that I take myself of actual items.
Many items I list are my own that I have decided to sell for one reason or another. Some come from my friends who know I am selling things on E-Bay. Others, I shop around and try to find items that I think I can make a small profit off of. 
I am disabled and cannot physically work or hold down a job due to illness.  While I do like selling and buying items. My goal is to try to make a small profit. I would be lieing if I told you it wasn't. It is hard to make ends meet on a small check for me and I know this is true for others. This is one reason my items vary so much. I try to list some items as inexpensive as possible.  At the same time my items vary in the price they value at or are worth. I can't list a $3,000.00 Ring for .99 and I won't list a .99 ring for $3,000.00. I try to be as fair as I can with everyone. I hope you enjoy any item purchased from me and are well satisfied with it. I appreciate you, your time, and business.

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