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1992 Buell RSS1200

Current Price:15,000.00 USD
Ends:June 14, 2018, 1:00 UTC
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After 26 years of ownership I must part with my beloved RSS to fund a collector car project. This bike has been combed, curried and lovingly cared for it's entire life. It does not leak, smoke, puke oil or do anything weird. Nothing is rotted, cracked or damaged. It does have a bit of normal road use wear but no big scratches, dings or nasties. It has been garaged it's entire life except when being ridden. The top end was freshened with new rings and a de carb on the valves and the paper Harley gaskets were replaced with James metal gaskets. NO leaks. The breathers were rerouted to the rear of the bike so no nasty oil/air mix is routed to the air box. No oil seeping mess from the aircleaner. A Hayden self adjusting primary chain tensioner has on the machine since 1994.  The carb was rejetted with a dyno-jet kit and a Screaming Eagle ignition module installed to allow the engine to rev all the way to redline with out the spark retarding. The red line was religiously observed while riding. Like alot of older Buells the composite fuel tank began leaking. To solve this I commissioned an aluminum inner tank that fits inside the stock tank. I lost some fuel capacity but its better to have a trustworthy drivable machine, with a bit shorter range, than a leaking garage queen that might catch on fire. Range is about 100 miles now. I retained the stock Buell electric fuel valves. You cannot tell that the inner tank has been installed. The bike comes with it's original tool kit, owners book(a first for Buell at that time) and "The Key Fob". Look that up in Court Canfields book "25 Years of Buell".  And a shop manual, which is just a Harley Sportster book, as no real Buell book was available then. The photo of Erik and the bike is real. It is this bike. I had that photo enlarged to poster size and sent it to Erik, who graciously autographed it. The poster is included. I have noticed that the choke is getting sticky. I believe the inner wire has a loose strand that is hanging up. You don't need the choke just give the throttle a twist to activate the accelerator pump and she starts right up. But I need to mention it. A new inner cable can be fabricated by any cable maker. There were 110 of these made. The first 40 went to Japan as a special order, the other 70 went U.S. and world wide. This one is #22 of the 70 and I believe about 28 were painted the metallic grey. I know for sure that at least 2 have been destroyed. $15,000.00 or make offer. Thats the story. Give me call for any questions. I will work through a motorcycle escrow company if you wish to.  The bike is located in Seattle so if you want it shipped I suggest Daily Direct/Haul Bikes out of Milwaukee. I have used them and they are excellent. Door to door pick-up and delivery, no crating. I reserve the right to end this listing at any time. Thanks... Hans  425-306-0581

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