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SOG - REACTOR - Multi-Tool - Made in USA - BA - Buy it Now

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Authentic SOG - REACTOR  Multi-Tool in used BA condition with  all all tools being inspected in working condition.   This is a newer version with the assisted opening (FLIK) main blade and liner lock.  Rather cool.  Made in the Taiwan I think no markings.  Considered to be one of the high quality tools made today and highly sought after by many. This tool will come lightly cleaned and oiled and may need more service to meet your personal standards. 

Condition and Grading  

In an effort to maintain consistency with other sellers on the Internet, we have also adopted a very good two letter grading system that quickly allows you to identify with the overall condition and functionality of the item that you may be bidding on or purchasing.  The first letter will always indicate the cosmetic condition of the item(s) and the 2nd letter will indicate the mechanical functionality.   Please refer to the chart below GRADING CHART to help


GRADING CHART  - Used knives & Multi-Tools Only 


First letter indicates overall cosmetic condition and the second letter indicates overall mechanical condition.  

Cosmetic Grades (overall look and appearance of the handles and blades/tools: 

A = Minimal to no scratches or wear marks or stains on the handles or blades/tools

B = Knife/tool may have some light scratches; wear marks, stains, other markings on the handle, blade or tools.  It may have light surface rust and/or light dirt/grime that can be removed.  Items with coated or painted finishes may be graded lower as it is harder to remove rust.

C = The knife/tool may have a lot of deeper scratches and/or wear marks, stains.  The tool may have a lot of rust and dirt/grime that is hard to clean off or remove. Item may also have a coated or painted finish that is harder to remove rust even when light.

D = Very heavy scratching, rust, dirt, muck, etc. that will be very hard to remove or may not be removable at all.  

Mechanical Grade (operating of the tool:

A = Mechanical condition like new meaning blades & tools are working as intended.  No tools are missing.  Tools open and close with normal effort but just need oil.  Blades do not wobble and adjusted screws are in good condition if any.  Blades and tools show original factory condition and are un-sharpened or modified.

B = A tool may be slightly worn, light dings or nicks from normal use.  Items that are in B condition but may be missing a tool will be listed.  Items that look to have been properly maintained will be rated a B.

C = Heavy wear from use or an item that is loose or may not lock up as solid as it would new.  Again tools that may show heavier wear from normal use.

D = Significant and multiple damages to the tool will have a D grade.  Such as the entire side of pliers is broken off/missing.  A few or more tools are broken and missing.  Several of the tools are rusted shut and very hard to open.  Heavy dirt or damage from use.  Poor sharpening, broken blades, tools or tips.



AA = A for cosmetic, A for mechanical

AB = A for cosmetic, B for mechanical

BA = B for cosmetic, A for mechanical

CB = C for cosmetic, B for mechanical



Generally these knives/tools will not be cleaned prior to sale unless detailed in the sale conditions or grading.  We take great pride in offering re-conditioned items but always encourage the buyer to clean upon receipt to meet an individuals needs.  We will only lightly condition or clean items that may be considered vintage or collectable to allow the collector to made those decisions.



Knives and tools may have engraving and we do not consider this an issue of condition or functionality as long as it is a professional engraving or printing but will always detail it in the sale of the item. 


Buyer should never assume that a sheath, case or other item is ever included in the sale unless detailed in the sale ad and photos.  Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have prior to making a final purchase.


We currently are processing all orders within 24 hours during regular business days but your item may take longer up to 3 business days to prepare and ship.  In the event that we are away from the office, we will make every attempt to contact you about the delay and offer cancellation as needed. 

Shipping your item costs money and rates are on the rise.  In the case that your sale requires buyer paid shipping, we will work very hard to keep this as low as possible and include our discount in your final charges.  We use the calculators from USPS for all items shipped and have no issue with communicating what those charges are to any buyer.  Please assure that you have the proper shipping address on file with Ebay prior to making your purchase, as we will not be responsible for items lost or delivered to an old address.  You would be surprised how much this happens.


Returned orders will happen and we will honor all returns of the same item sold in the same un-modified condition within 14 total days of purchase.  Return shipping costs may be the responsibility of the buyer and a restocking fee may be requested by the seller.  In any case, this will always be detailed as part of the sale prior to your final bid or purchase.  Return credits will not be issues for any item that is returned modified in any way.

Yes, we do offer combined shipping.  You can purchase multiple items from us but we ask that you wait for our final invoice prior to paying for you items.  This allows us to calculate the best shipping rate from multiple carriers. 

We do not guarantee any shipping times as this is the job of the carrier but we will only use the services provided by Ebay and all tracking will be entered and communication upon shipment.

On Ebay ,we do use Ebay’s Global Shipping Service where it is available and will only use this service.  Please do not ask us to ship outside of this service or with a cheaper provider.  Please enter your address and work with the Ebay shipping calculators to determine any final destination cost.  If your area or country is not allowed or available on the Ebay site, we will NOT SHIP the item.

Taxes/duties/customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
Tracking number may not be available on Economy Int'l shipping.
We reserve the right to cancel any order or to choose to not ship to your country.

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