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DTC - Liebherr Bedding & Trench Box All Metal 1/50th / 1/48th Made In the USA.

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Ends:April 8, 2019, 14:48 UTC
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EDM - 1/50th All Metal (Large) Bedding & Trench Box. Authentic OEM / RAL Paint Colors. Made In USA.

Made in the USA by EDM.
Our Bedding and Trench Box set will add realism to any diorama or shelf display.
Fits perfectly with any 1:50th or 1:48th scale scene or diorama.

1. Evot All Metal Lifting Chain Set.
1. Bedding Box (All Metal). Approximate Dimensions 3.7"L x 1"T x 1.7"W
1.Trench Box (All Metal). Approximate Dimensions 4"L x 2"T x 1.7"W
1:48th / 1:50th Scale

Manufacturing Process:
1. Sandblasted to remove any impurity's and burrs.
2. Primer Painted.
3. Painted in Authentic OEM / RAL Factory and or Company Colors.

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