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Yvonne O'Gara Patchwork Vest - (style CMP)

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Ends:January 13, 2018, 15:34 UTC
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Yvonne O'Gara Vest

A wonderful vest created from upcycled silk kimonos and other garments. There are five wonderful metal buttons to close the front  along with two pockets and a watch chain. The inside is lined in a vibrant orange.  The front hemline comes to a point and the back is straight across with a small center notch.     

Fabric -  100% Silk

Garment Measurements

(Measurements taken from the actual garment)

At arm hole - 38"  Hip - 38"   Bottom Opening - 38"  Length -center front - 26"  sides 24"  back - 19" 

Style Code MP1215

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