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Snap On SAE Angle Ignition Wrench 6Pc Set 15/64 1/4 5/16 9/32 11/32 3/8" C65C DS

Current Price:49.99 USD
Ends:July 12, 2018, 12:12 UTC
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snap on ignition wrench

6 piece set

15/64inch - 1/4inch  -  ds1516

1/4inch - 15/64inch  -  ds1615

9/32inch - 5/16inch  -  ds1820

5/16inch - 9/32inch  -  ds2018

11/32inch - 3/8inch  -  ds2224

3/8inch - 11/32inch  -  ds2422

overall excellent condition, no initials

ITEM DETAILS - i list items pretty accurate, but occasionally do overlook something. i sell a wide variety of items and cannot know every detail. i google details, if there is something you want to know about it, you can do the same. if listing says it fits one brand, i can not tell you if it works for a different one.
includes what is pictured ONLY unless otherwise noted.
i sell for a living and know what im doing. i do not need you to tell me what my stuff is worth.
OFFERS - i generally am not looking for offers. i definitely am not going to accept half what im asking so i do not respond to ridiculous offers.
SHIPPING - i do combine shipping WHERE POSSIBLE. just make your purchase and i will refund any for combined shipping. i mostly ship mon-wed-fri. CANNOT ship saturday, as our post is not open. you will get a shipping notification, so please do not ask if its been shipped. i do ship promptly but some people think unrealistically and think it should be shipped as soon as they buy it. i CANNOT control the post, sometimes they take way too long or a package gets stuck in limbo, but most of the time they will be delivered.
i know how to pack items properly for best chance of arriving as it should.
FEEDBACK - i leave feedback after the buyer has, because most people never leave feedback. the quicker you do, the quicker i will.
RETURNS -  it seems that people think its just fine to buy something and decide they do not want it after they receive it or say something is wrong with it that was clearly described or pictured and return it. well it is not right. the seller has to waste paying 2 shipping fees and ebay fees. please ONLY MAKE A PURCHASE if you actually want it. if i do make a mistake i will happily fix it.
i do appreciate all buyers, but do not appreciate unethical people lying and abusing ebay. karma is real though.
thank you



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