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The Flat Top - Stemless Spinning Tops made in the USA by Butterfield Machine

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Ends:December 9, 2018, 10:22 UTC
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The Flat Top by Butterfield Machine

The FlatTop is a stemless EDC spinning top hand machined from solid metal that feels great in your hand, and is comfortable in your pocket!
The FlatTop is designed to be something you enjoy having in your pocket: it is not designed for record breaking spin times. The significant weight of the top and the 1/16" silicon nitride bearing results in respectable and easily achievable spin times of 5 min plus for someone who has no experience spinning a top. Spinning the top from the outer diameter results in lower RPMs compared to stemmed tops.
Choose between Aluminium, Copper Or Brass. Brass is renowned for its acoustic properties and of course looks similar to gold. Both Brass and Copper will develop a patina over time, but of course they can be buffed and polished back up to bright shine if you wish. The anodised Aluminium options are less than half the weight of the Brass or Copper at only 24 grams and when polished up they look great. All are presented in a soft muslin drawstring bag and with complimentary polishing kit.
Browse Youtube for some great spin videos showing off the Flat Tops by Butterfield Machines. 
Please note the contact points are not indestructible, if they are dropped from a height or spun on hard surfaces such as concrete they will be damaged. 
This listing is for one flat top only, please choose your metal from drop down menu above. 

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