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10 x SURVIVAL SEED BANK Prepper SEEDS HEIRLOOM NON-GMO 25 Vegetable x 10 sets

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Ends:August 9, 2018, 23:29 UTC
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  2015 Harvest seeds for 2016


All of our seed are from the most recent harvest and are hand packaged and labeled  from fresh seed in September 2015. All seeds are from the USA, mostly from California, with a few from Oregon,  and Arizona. This is very labor intensive process and each order takes over two hours to put together and does not include the labor involved in growing and harvesting seed. This little project is mostly about making heirloom non - gmo  seeds available to people who might not have access to them at a very reasonable price.  I have put together a set that I would be happy to buy at this price with the variety and seeds offered.

Anyone interested in a survival garden wants seed to store or plant and vegetables to grow that will make your stored food taste better. Think of it as an organic vitamin and flavor garden . Why buy seeds that you don't want and will never eat. We have selected the most popular and useful seeds and combined them into one package.  We have selected the most complete variety for nutrition, ease of growth and most popular variety ranging from garden staples, flavor enhancers, and spices..

Broccoli Seeds - 'Early Fall Rapini'                           100 seeds
Broccoli Seeds - 'Waltham 29'                                    100 seeds
Eggplant Seeds - 'Black Beauty'                                   100 seeds
Sweet Pepper Seeds - 'California Wonder  '               25 seeds
Hot Pepper Seeds - 'Cayenne Long'                                  25 seeds
Open Pollinated Tomato Seeds - 'Rutgers'                           50 seeds
Open Pollinated Tomato Seeds - 'Small Red Cherry'          50 seeds
Open Pollinated Tomato Seeds - 'Large Red Cherry'          50 seeds
Radish Seeds - 'Champion'                                                 100 seeds
Slicing Cucumber Seeds - 'Straight Eight'                     20 seeds
Herb Seeds - 'Genovese Basil'                                             100 seeds
Herb Seeds - 'Chives'                                                              100 seeds
Herb Seeds - 'Leisure Coriander' (Cilantro)                 100 seeds
Cabage Seeds- Vates'                                                              100 seeds
Melon Seeds - 'Delicious 51'                                                   25 seeds
Carrot Seeds - 'Imperator 58'                                              100 seeds
Leaf Lettuce Seeds - 'Iceberg'                                              100 seeds
Turnip Seeds - 'Purple Top White Globe'                      100 seeds
Watermelon Seeds - 'Jubilee'                                               10 seeds

Okra Seeds - 'Clemson Spineless'                                       20 seeds
Mustard Seeds - 'Florida Broadleaf'                                 100 seeds
Cauliflower Seeds - 'Snowball Y Improved'                   100 seeds
Pumpkin Seeds - 'Small Sugar'                                             10 seeds

Onion Seeds - 'Red Burgundy'                                              25 Seeds
Squash Seeds- Prolific Straighneck                                  10 Seeds

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