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CameraQuest Rewind Lever for Leica MP M3 M2 M1 - CHROME

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Ends:February 8, 2019, 23:09 UTC
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New Improved CameraQuest Film Rewind Lever V4  


for Leica MP M3 M2 Rangefinders  

Made in USA -- Silver Chrome 

(BLACK listed in a separate auction)



after 3 years the world's best Leica MP M3 M2 M2 Film Rewind Lever
is back!


New version will fit MOST (but not all) Leica MP's

The problem, strangely enough, is that there can be considerable variation with Leica MP top plates!

Some MP's definitely have MORE space between the top plate and the rewind lever than others!


  • Machined from a solid piece of brass alloy

  • Exceptionally strong

  • Only 4 parts


I always hated the film rewind knob on my first Leica, an M3.   The knob rewind just made rewinding film way too slow and cumbersome!

There have been many attempts over the years to make a good M2/M3/MP rewind film levers. I have a collection of them.

Seriously, this is the best I've ever seen. It will greatly speed up your overall shooting and make film rewinding a quick and easy task!

The new rewind lever is designed not only to be compatible with the M2 & M3, but with most Leica film MP's as well!

The lever is very strong and rugged, machined out of a single piece of brass alloy, then silver or black chromed.

Be VERY careful mounting the rewind lever.








 Oddly enough there are considerable variations in how close the film rewind knob fits to top plate, especially on the MP bodies.

To install, just drop the rewind lever over the rewind knob (in down position), then tighten down Teflon tipped screw onto the rewind knob.

DO NOT force it!  If the fit is too tight, you could scratch the top plate of your camera. We estimate the rewind lever will fit 95% plus of the M film bodies.


 This is a CameraQuest Made In The USA product.

-- camera not included!

The World's Best? Am I kidding?

Really,  No kidding!


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