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DCT - Old Cat Yellow Metal Yard, Bedding & Trench Box Set 1/87th Made In USA.

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DCT - 1/87th All Metal Yard, Bedding & Trench Box. Authentic OEM / RAL Paint Colors. Made In USA.

Our Yard, Bedding and Trench Box set will add realism to any diorama or shelf display.
Fits perfectly with any 1/87th scale scene or diorama.

1. Evot All Metal Lifting Chain Set.
1. Yard Box (All Metal).
Approximate Dimensions 1. 3/4"L x 5/16"T x 3/4"W
1. Bedding Box (All Metal). Approximate Dimensions 2"L x 3/4"T x 3/4"W
1.Trench Box (All Metal). Approximate Dimensions 2"L x3/4"T x 3/4"W
1/87 Scale

Manufacturing Process:
1. Sandblasted to remove any impurity's and burrs.
2. Primer Painted.
3. Painted in Authentic OEM / RAL Factory and or Company Colors.

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