Cars and Trucks Made in the USA

2009 Cars and Trucks

For 2009 year models, have a look at this interactive map on the New York Times site. The Toyota Camry, Ford F-150 and Chevy Malibu lead the made in the USA list for 2009 according to this report on

Domestic content - how many of the parts are made in the United States

Years ago it was easy to know what cars and trucks were made in the USA. Today things are different, just because a new car is being sold by GM, Ford or Chrysler does not mean that car is made in the United States. Did you know that a 2008 Honda Civic has more domestic components than a 2008 Dodge Ram? 70% for the Civic and 68% for the Dodge Ram. Overall, cars from the big three are still mostly made in the USA with domestic contect for GM and Ford estimated at 80%, Chrysler at 74%. However, big sellers form Toyota such as the Tundra, Camry and Sienna are also mostly made in the United States.

American Automobile Labeling Act

So, how do you know where a car is made? And what does it mean when a car is labeled as "domestic" or made in the USA? In 1992 Congress passed the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) which requires auto manufacturers to label the percentage of parts made in the USA on new cars. To be labeled as a domestic vechical, a car must have at least 75% of its parts made domestically. If you are shopping for a new car or truck, be sure to ask the dealership for AALA information on cars you are considering.

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