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ROUND Shoelaces 27 36 45 54 63 72 Athletic Sneaker Shoe Lace Strings Made in USA

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! No Limit! Any Color/Size -A1 QUALITY!
Current Price:6.15 USD
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Made in America, Using American Materials, By Americans, For Americans!

They’re back! eBay's most popular shoelaces from The Cobbler Shop are back and better than ever!

Don’t be fooled by cheap, imported laces being sold which are made from a large 

sheet of synthetic materials and STAMPED TO LOOK WOVEN. 

AceLace laces are made from Premium Threads which are spun

 and woven to create the highest quality lace on the market!

Learn more about how AceLace shoelaces are the best below!



Choose ANY 3 colors and ANY 3 lengths!  

For each 2 pairs you purchase, you will get the third for FREE!



-Style: Round Athletic Sport

-Diameter: 13/8” (9.4mm)

-Sold as a Pair

-Woven with Premium Threads


-Extreme Durability

-Actual Premium Quality

-Non-Fading, Vibrant Color

-Does NOT Disintegrate

-Extra Reinforced Aglets (tips)

-Made in the USA!

-Great for Nike, Jordans, Adidas & ALL Athletic Sneakers

Please Note: We do everything possible to ensure that you are able to see the true color of the laces.  All of our products have been photographed professionally, using 4K Ultra HD equipment.  Keep in mind that you are viewing these images online and colors may sometimes slightly or even greatly vary, depending on the type of viewing monitor/device, personal settings, screen resolution, software which eliminates blue light, etc.  The aforementioned may alter the true color you see on your end.  If you have any issues, please contact us immediately so we can make things right.

How are AceLace Shoelaces Different?

Why are AceLace Laces better than others?

Quality! Other, imported shoelaces being sold are not made with threads suited for shoelaces, which lead to early fading and tearing. AceLace Shoelaces are made with the highest quality threads, all made right here in the USA!

Our high-quality threads are manufactured specifically to create the highest quality, longest lasting shoelace.

How do AceLace laces differ from others?

Most laces that come with your shoes along with those sold online are made of extremely cheap quality.  Unlike AceLace laces, imported laces are made using cheap synthetic sheets that are cut into the shape of a lace and stamped to give you that “Woven Thread” look.

All AceLace laces are created by thousands of premium quality threads which are spun and woven to give you the highest quality, longest lasting shoelace on the market!

As we manufacture in house, we are able to offer you the highest quality lace at an extremely reasonable price.  Don’t waste your time buying a cheap, imported lace which will fade and disintegrate, and need to be repurchased after a short time.

For every 2 pairs purchased, you will get a 3rd pair of equal or lesser value for FREE!  In order to qualify for this offer, you MUST add 3 pairs to your cart.  Upon checking out, the system will automatically deduct the amount of the 3rd pair.

How man FREE pairs can I get?

There's NO LIMIT!  This means that for every 2 pairs, the 3rd will be FREE!

Example 1: You add 3 pairs to your cart - When checking out, the system will deduct the amount for the 3rd pair.
Example 2: You add 4 pairs to your cart - The system will charge you for the 2 initial pairs, make the 3rd free, and charge you for the 4th pair.
Example 3: You add 6 pairs to your cart - The system will charge you for the 2 pairs, make the 3rd free, charge you for the 4th & 5th pair, and deduct the total for the 6th pair.  This will give you 2 pairs for FREE!

If you add 90 pairs to your cart, you will be pay for 60 pairs and get 30 pairs for FREE!

Do the laces need to be the same color/style/length?

NO!  Any eligible style lace can count towards the 3 pairs.  Choose any Flat Athletic, Round Athletic, Oval Athletic, 3M Oval Reflective, Sparkly/Glitter, Tye-Dye, or Fashion laces!  Any of our lace listing which have a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Promotion are eligible.

Additionally, you can choose ANY 3 colors and ANY 3 lengths.  Mix and match freely!

Example: You want a pair of 27" Flat Athletic Laces in Red for your Nikes, and a pair of 40" Round Athletics Laces in Royal Blue for your Jordans, and a pair of 72" Premium Boot Laces in Brown for your work boots.  

Merely select the style, color, and length of each lace, select "Add to Cart" and after adding the last pair, begin the checkout process and the system will automatically deduct the amount of the 3rd pair of equal or lesser value from the total!

Please Note: In order to receive the Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion, you must add the correct amount of laces to your cart.  If you add only 2 pairs to your cart and order, you will ONLY receive 2 pairs.  No Exceptions, sorry!

There is no "standard universal guide" which allows you to choose the correct length of lace for your shoe.  Although certain "guides" do exist online, they will almost always be incorrect and will leave you disappointed.

What these guides fail to consider are the various factors which may affect the length of lace you need such as style of shoe, placement of eyelets (holes) on the shoe, shoe width, etc.

The only way to accurately determine the length of lace you need is by:

1) Measure the original/old laces that you are replacing and ordering the nearest size.

2) If you do not have the original/old laces, take yarn/string, lace up your shoe, remember to leave ample length for tying, cut the yarn/string, measure and order the nearest size.

These methods will guarantee you get the correct length every time and will save you any hassle!

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