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5-Bolt NECK PLATE. Upgrade your 4-Bolt Plate!!! MADE IN U.S.A.

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Custom GUITAR NECK PLATE from Artist Guitars

5-Bolt NECK PLATE.  Upgrade your 4-Bolt Plate!!!   MADE IN U.S.A.  Customize your build....

Stainless Steel "5-Bolt Neck Plate" by Artist Guitars   
Part# AG-NP5-1      Made in the USA.  

This custom plate is made with more surface area vs stock neck plates. This plate replaces the standard 4-screw plate.

The plate is designed to add stability to your bolt-on neck Telecaster or Stratocaster style guitar.  

A particularly good option for "softer" wood guitar bodies. 

-Patent Pending-  

The screw holes in the plate may require countersinking. This depends on customer preference and/or type of screws used for your guitar neck plate.  

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